day services iconCommunity Based Day Supports (CBDS)

Delta Projects’ Community Based Day Supports (CBDS) provide individuals with the skills needed to develop, enrich and maintain their talents and abilities through a variety of individual and group community-based activities. The staff at CBDS works with each individual to help understand what is important to them, to identify activities they like and dislike, types of jobs that interest them and areas of personal growth they would like to address.  Based on that assessment, the staff develops a person-centered plan specific to each individual providing a clearly defined path for social and occupational advancement.  CBDS also offers many opportunities for community involvement through volunteering, pursuing hobbies and interests and participating in social and recreational activities. As with all Delta Projects programs, we provide people with the level of support needed to succeed in achieving their goals, while assisting individuals in becoming more independent, promoting their rights, dignity and choices.

Employment Supports

Delta Projects’ Supported Employment services provide individuals with intellectual disabilities and other developmental challenges the job skills and experience needed to pursue their career interests. To begin the process, we work with each individual to develop a Positive Personal Profile.  This profile identifies a wide array of personal traits including the person’s dreams, goals, interests, skills, talents, work experience, support system, and specific challenges together with creative solutions and accommodations to overcome those challenges. This information forms the basis for identifying areas of particular interest and strength, potential types of jobs and direction for job development, volunteer opportunities and other learning and community activities.

Individual Supported Employment

Based upon each person’s needs and interests, our Individual Supported Employment program offers training focused on job-seeking skills including defining interest in specific types of work, preparing a resume, practicing mock interviews, observing jobs in local businesses, volunteering and working in internships.

Once a specific job opportunity is identified, we focus on job development and training in that area, ultimately leading to job placement with a local employer.  The program provides short-term on-the-job coaching and support to help with expectations on the job, work habits of successful employees, how to manage conflict in the workplace and other topics relevant to the individual, eventually fading out support once the new employee has mastered their job.

Group Supported Employment

Delta Projects’ Group Supported Employment program provides opportunities for individuals to work in an integrated setting while continuing to receive the long-term supervision, training and on-the-job support they need to be successful.  Group employment settings provide opportunities for participants to earn at least minimum wage, try new things, engage with other company employees, gain valuable work experience and expand their social networks.  In all of our employment supports we work as a team with our partners in the community, establishing trust and open communication to ensure the relationship benefits both the employer and their Delta Projects’ employees.

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