Our History

Delta Projects was founded in 1976 as an innovative program to help families keep children with intellectual disabilities at home and out of state-run residential programs. That early respite and family training program was soon followed by a community-based residential program which, like all programs of its kind, had its origins in the deinstitutionalization movement of that period. Bringing individuals into the community, rather than segregating and isolating them, was the Delta Projects’ mission. Over forty years later, community inclusion is still the cornerstone of our operating philosophy

Today Delta Projects supports adults with intellectual disabilities, traumatic and acquired brain injuries and other developmental challenges in residential, day and employment support programs.  We also provide home-based support to families of children with developmental disabilities with a goal of keeping the child in their own home.  Our dedicated staff support individuals in 20 plus communities throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

At Delta Projects we take pride in our ability to support people who have a history of complex life challenges, with homes and a day program designed to meet the individual needs of the person being served.  In every setting, our staff receive training specific to the needs and aspirations of the individuals, and support from our clinical team of behaviorists and nurses.  To meet the diverse needs of those we support, Delta Projects uses a strong team approach to develop customized services that are flexible, effective and person-centered so that individuals can acquire the skills they need to be more independent and engaged in their own lives.

Preference and personal choice are an integral part of the framework of Delta Projects’ supports. While Delta Projects staff provides guidance and support in the selection of activities and pursuits, we encourage individuals to explore areas that are of interest them. Whether in sports, advocacy, creative arts, employment, volunteerism or education, Delta Projects staff provides ideas and options for everyone to find their own path.