At Delta Projects we take pride in our ability to support people who have a history of complex life challenges, with homes and a day program designed to meet the individual needs of the person being served.  In every setting, our staff receive training specific to the needs and aspirations of the individuals, and support from our clinical team of behavior- ists and nurses.  To meet the diverse needs of those we support, Delta Projects uses a strong team approach to develop customized services that are flexible, effective and person-centered so that individuals can acquire the skills they need to be more independent and engaged in their own lives.

Our Vision

We strive to be a leader in our field by empowering people to enjoy self-directed and enriching lifestyles through:

  • Exercising their legal and civic rights
  • Expressing opinions regarding issues that concern and affect them
  • Exploring their religious, cultural, ethnic and familial backgrounds
  • Living and working in environments that make them feel good about themselves
  • Selecting their own services and supports
  • Choosing where and with whom they live, work and spend time
  • Making choices regarding their daily routines
  • Choosing and addressing personal goals for the future
  • Actively making decisions about all aspects of their daily life
  • Participating in the life of their community in preferred ways
  • Accessing community services and resources
  • Having personal relationships that meet their needs and desires
  • Being connected with their families, friends and co-workers
  • Having a personal sense of well being
  • Having personal space and privacy

Our Values

When we asked our staff to identify the values of Delta Projects, not surprisingly those identified reflect the philosophy of inclusion and self-direction for the individuals that we support.