Roosevelt Gatewood

Roosevelt Gatewood

Delta Difference Maker - February 2024

Pictured: Zachary Mogul-Campbell, Project Manager (left), Roosevelt Gatewood, CBDS Community Inclusion Specialist (middle) John Pallies, CEO (right)


Here at Delta, you don’t have to look far to find someone making a lasting impact on the individuals we support. Every day, Delta Staff help to improve individuals’ lives and provide quality care, education, and advocacy. The Delta Difference award was created to spotlight those members of our team who have been going above and beyond in their dedication to the individuals they support, and whose outstanding work reflects that. This month, the Delta Difference award is awarded to Roosevelt Gatewood, a member of our CBDS team, for the exceptional work he’s done teaching pre-employment skills and mentoring individuals. Though to one of our individuals, Kevin O., he has become far more than just a teacher; he’s a great role model and advocate as well.

Kevin states that Roosevelt doesn’t just teach pre-employment skills. He’s good at that too, but to Kevin, Roosevelt is his moral compass. He teaches Kevin right from wrong, how to act not only professionally but with kindness, and how to be honest. Roosevelt treats Kevin and the other individuals he supports with the utmost respect, never lying or sugarcoating anything. And when it comes to putting their pre-employment skills to the test, Roosevelt is Kevin’s staunchest advocate. Whether it be within Delta’s facilities or outside, Roosevelt is always fighting on Kevin’s behalf for pay, for hours, and for opportunity. And when Kevin or anyone makes mistakes, Roosevelt always hears them out; he makes sure both sides of the story are heard before making decisions or conclusions. To Kevin, Roosevelt is someone he can come to with any problem, and no matter the situation he will give his genuine opinion and help any way he can.

The Delta Difference award was created so that we can hear and share stories like Kevin’s and Roosevelt’s. More importantly, it was created so that we can recognize staff like Roosevelt for the lasting impact he’s made on Kevin, and the rest of the individuals at CBDS. On behalf of Delta, thank you Roosevelt for your outstanding care and guidance, for your honesty and compassion, and for the brilliant work you do with Kevin and everyone else every single day. Congratulations!