Mary Taylor

Mary Taylor

Delta Difference Maker - March 2024

Pictured: Mary Taylor, Senior Direct Support Professional (left), John Pallies, CEO (right)

There are plenty of good things we can talk about when it comes to Mary Taylor. She’s known for her amazing work ethic, whether it be supporting the ladies at Furnace or helping with shopping or planning events. She’s highly dependable, especially in a pinch. But above all else is her empathy – both with individuals and with staff.

Described as a team player and leader by her manager Folashade Shitta-Bey, Mary is someone who has the understanding for what a situation needs most, and the ability to make it happen. She’s intensely creative and uses her creativity to help those around her. Her individuals love her. She’s always asking them what they want to do and uses her creative nature to make it happen, like planning a birthday party or putting an outfit together. Mary’s empathy allows her to understand the feelings of those around her, and she uses that knowledge to make everyone’s lives easier and better.

Mary, thank you for your incredible work ethic, your passion for providing care, and your uncanny ability to understand exactly what a situation needs and bring that missing piece. The individuals you support are better for it, and Delta as whole is better with you as a part of it. Congratulations!