Safety Committee

Our Committee meets monthly, the 3rd Tuesday of every month,  at the main office, 118 Allied Drive. 

The Safety Committee regularly reviews accidents, injuries, restraints, fire drill issues, safety related site issues, and med occurrences, as well as addressing important issues such as disaster planning, and developing and/or monitoring action plans in response to hazards and safety concerns reviewed by the committee.

You can send safety concerns to Mike Durrigan at

If you have any safety concerns or recommendations, you can share  them with any of the committee members listed below.

Marc Thuot: Executive Chair
Mike Durrigan: Managing Chair
Shawn McCurley: COO
Margaret Ruhiu: , Nursing
Tony Bacchiocch: Dept. Head, Maintenance
Monique Perrault: Administrative Representative
Joyce Magachi: Cluster #1 Representative
Pierre Cassion: Cluster #2 Representative
Kareem Horton: Cluster #3 Representative
Matt McKinnon: Cluster #4 Representative
Ronald Bernard: Cluster #5 Representative



For summer saftey tips check out this link