December 8, 2017

Dear Friend,

Imagine a summer weekend in Ogunquit, Maine or a vacation to Florida to visit the Magic Kingdom. Imagine participating on a basketball team and winning the division championship or joining a Rainbow Support Group and attending Providence Pride for the first time. Imagine attending a concert, or seeing the Red Sox, or any of the many other little “extras” that make life rich and rewarding. These things may not be hard for you and me to imagine, but for the people supported by Delta Projects, sometimes they are.

I would like to personally thank you, on behalf of all the people we serve, for your support of the “extras” at Delta Projects. Many of you have supported Delta for years because you know that the extras – from gifts during the holidays, to a summer weekend away, to the Delta Hornets basketball team – are the things that enrich people’s lives. We are deeply grateful for your financial support that helps us to do these things.

Today, your support is more important than ever. This summer I joined Delta Projects as President and CEO, drawn to the organization’s rich history and its long commitment to empowering people with intellectual and other life challenges to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. And I joined Delta because of its history of going above and beyond to ensure that everyone gets to experience the extras.

Our ambitions for the coming year are great, and your generosity is essential to our goals. We ask that you to join us, as you have in the past, to ensure that the individuals that we serve can not only imagine, but can experience the little extras that you and I take for granted. Your continued support is critical to our success. Please go to our donation page to make a contribution today.

With deep gratitude and best wishes in this holiday season,

John Pallies