Emergency Respite Housing

Delta Projects provides emergency residential support for individuals with disabilities in a home-like environment. These services are designed for individuals aged 18 or over (who are eligible for services offered by the Commonwealth of Mass. Department of Developmental Services) and who are not able to be stabilized at home due to challenging behavioral, mental health or for other care issues including serving persons who are homeless. Emergency Housing programs also serve as a temporary residential option for adults who need to be removed from their home due to protective mandates. This housing for adults operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is designed to be short-term.

The goals of the program are:

  • To stabilize individuals by providing support or treatment to stabilize individuals while providing time and planning with the individual’s Individual Supports Plan (ISP) team.
  • To provide a safe environment.

To work aggressively in supporting the person to return home or to a more appropriate residential setting, and to prevent institutionalization by providing the necessary support to the individuals, families and other providers.

These services are currently offered at our Samoset Program:

About Samoset

Delta Projects has provided respite supports for adults for over a 20 years at Samoset, a site based respite, that is staffed and equipped to meet a variety of needs. Samoset, located in a beautiful single story home in Wrentham, MA, has the capacity to provide short-term respite to four adults, each in a private bedroom.

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