More life enhancing opportunities for people supported by Delta Projects

Delta Projects will be opening a new Community Based Day Supports Program (CBDS) this fall. The program is forging partnerships with community employers as well as other non-profits and local resources who may benefit from

CBDS is a great program model for many of the men and women supported by Delta because it is truly person centered. As they begin the program, each person has a Positive Personal Profile developed through interviews with program staff. The profile provides the groundwork to help understand what is important to each individual, identify activities they like and dislike, types of jobs that interest them and areas of personal growth they would like to address. CBDS also offers many options for community involvement through volunteering, pursuing hobbies and special interests as well participating in social and enrichment activities.

Individuals for whom work is not a primary goal will find a great variety of options in CBDS to enjoy meaningful activities throughout their days. Where competitive employment is the goal, people will be supported to define their career goals, develop a resume and learn appropriate interview skills and work behaviors. Program staff will work with each individual to locate appropriate job opportunities and will support them throughout the hiring and job training process. As with all Delta programs, we will provide people with the level of support that is necessary for them to succeed in achieving their goal.

Delta staff assists people in becoming more independent; promoting rights, dignity and choices. We work as a team with our partners in the community establishing a trusting relationship and open communication.

Starting on September 14th we began a pilot program to teach skills needed to secure a community job. Seven individuals are participating in this fifteen class module that combines morning classroom instruction with afternoon community visits to businesses and work sites in the local community. Participation in this pilot will help Antonio, Linsey, Bobby, James, Bill, Trina and Joshua to define their work goals by opening their eyes to new experiences, new friends and new dreams.

Here are some of the places they have visited to see what happens at a shipyard/marina, car wash and some job skills some are working on.


Our new space under construction...due to open in early July