The Assistant DRS will direct and coordinate the day-to-day operations of Residential Operations in selected residential sites. They will provide quality leadership, support, and operational oversight to the Residential Managers in order to maintain a sound operational environment while ensuring the consistent delivery of quality services.


  • Oversee all administrative and clinical processes and requirements in consultation with the Director of Residential Supports.
  • Ensure individuals are treated with dignity and respect in accordance with Delta Projects Human Rights Policy; act as an individual advocate and role model.
  • Assure the delivery of quality residential and clinical supports by following the tenets of PBS ensuring a learning environment demonstrated through the implementation of evidence-based and effective skill development plans.
  • Ensure individuals supported engage in activities of their choice by developing and monitoring creative and interesting opportunities for all individuals.
  • Ensure the health and safety of all individuals receiving services by assuring all health care regimes are in place, implemented, and documented accordingly and all residences are clean, safe, and reflect well-maintained home-like environments indicative of individual interests.Participate in management meetings and work cooperatively as part of a management team in planning for and providing residential, day and individual support services; attend program staff meetings as needed.
  • With the Director of Residential Supports, assist in budget development process; interpret and monitor program budgets.
  • With the Director of Residential Supports, provide performance management of Residential Managers, inclusive of supervision, formal evaluations, identification of training needs, and staff career path development in accordance with Delta Projects, Inc.’s policies and expectations.
  • With Residential Managers, participate in interviews, screen potential staff, and make recommendations for hiring.
  • With the Director of Residential Supports, make recommendations for promotions, take disciplinary action and recommend demotions/ transfers/terminations for Residential Managers, and assist them in the same for direct care staff.
  • Monitor scheduling of staff across the programs to ensure economy and program coverage in accordance with contractual requirements.
  • Maintain professional and effective relationships with all internal/external stakeholders including parents, guardians, funding source representatives, and other Delta Projects staff, including clinicians and nurses.
  • Participate in investigations and reviews as requested; execute disciplinary action in collaboration with Human Resources; ensure implementation of recommendations from evaluations and incident reports.
  • Available on-call for consultation in emergencies or regarding imperative concerns, as warranted or assigned as part of a rotation.
  • Conduct and participate in program evaluations.
  • Oversee the completion of and/or complete all HCSIS and iCentrix documentation within established timelines and monitor managers’ adherence to Delta Projects electronic documentation systems
  • In collaboration with the Director of Residential Supports, clinician and nurse, ensure that proper procedures for referral, admission and discharge are implemented.
  • Collaboratively interface with the clinician in development and implementation of Behavior Support Plans.
  • Audit individual financial records, case records, medical records and medications on a regular basis; ensure all required follow-up activity is conducted in a timely manner.
  • Ensure business reports including but not limited to petty cash, census, and payroll reports are complete, accurate, and submitted in accordance with established deadlines.
  • Ensure programmatic documentation and assessments (e.g. ISP assessments, behavioral data reports, etc.) are complete, accurate, and submitted in accordance with established deadlines.
  • Responsible for ensuring all individual’s personal funds are managed in accordance with Delta Projects, Inc.’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensure programs are in compliance with funding source regulations, policies and procedures at all times.
  • Attend and participate all Delta and external meetings, as assigned.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or six to ten years related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Experience in the application of and training in behavioral techniques.
  • Minimum of 5 years supervisory experience in a related field including workforce planning, strategic leadership and non-profit experience is preferable
  • Operational knowledge of services relating to the IDD population, including Med Administration, entitlement funds management, and self-advocacy
  • Current and valid driver’s license in the state of residence
  • Must possess a safe, reliable, registered, insured, and inspected vehicle in order to transport individuals as needed/required
  • Qualifying criminal background and driving record
  • Must be able to demonstrate competence in certain areas of training including but not limited to CPR, First Aid, non-violent physical interventions, behavior management, medication administration, and driving
  • Professional oral and written communication skills
  • Must be willing to work in excess of 40 hours per week as driven by operational needs
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of applicable state and federal laws, regulations and policies as they relate to the administrative and financial management of non-profit organizations.
  • Knowledge of funding source regulatory requirements and policies/procedures.

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