About Us

Who We Are

Delta Projects, Inc is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1976 which provides residential, employment and respite supports to approximately 135 adults a with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities. Delta Projects is funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, grants, donations and fundraising activities.

Delta has been at the forefront advocating for people with disabilities and is recognized as a leader in using behavioral supports to help solve the problems facing people with disabilities.

Delta Projects ties to the communities in which we provide supports to individuals are strong and a major reason for our success in working with the disabled and minority populations. Our Board of Directors members live in the communities we serve and ensure that our agency’s efforts are geared directly to the needs of the community. Delta Project’s President, Kevin McCullough, is likewise an active member of the community and has represented the agency in various leadership roles statewide in improving the quality of supports to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Our Mission

  • Promote the right of individuals to exercise choice and to make meaningful decisions in their lives;
  • Respect the dignity of each individual through vigorous promotion of human civil rights which in part, strives to keep people free from abuse and neglect;
  • Provide training and to share expertise with the service delivery networks;
  • Support the dignity of achievement that results from risk-taking and making informed choices;
  • Ensure that adequate services and flexible resources are non-intrusive, cost effective and provided by qualified, trained personnel to meet individual needs and preferences;
  • Empower individuals and their families to speak out for themselves and others, initiate ideas, have choices and make decisions about needed supports;
  • Appreciate the ethnic and cultural diversity of each individual;
  • Recognize that Services providing meaningful benefits require a commitment to monitoring and evolutionary change.