Why Work at Delta

“Delta has always supported me and treated me with fairness and respect.”

Kellie Cronin, Senior Instructor and DPI employee since May 1991


“Delta has provided me with job stability, opportunities for advancement and flexibility in my job.  As a result, I am able to balance with responsibilities as a parent with my work life.”

Maryann Greto, Senior Instructor and DPI employee since May 1991


“I have worked at Delta Projects and Diane for over 25 years.  Over the years I’ve witnessed so many high points in the lives of our many individuals, they have excelled and their quality of life has also.  They have become happy and productive adults.  Diane has always been there for the folks she serves, caring for them, fighting for and protecting their rights.  She tries to make each person feel important.

Catherine Baker, Instructor and DPI employee since 1985


“I have worked at Nickerson Drive for 6 years for Delta Projects.  I’m proud to be an employee.  Personally I feel that I have been treated fairly and with respect”

Kettelyne Jean, Senior Instructor and DPI employee since April 2005


“I am pro-Delta Projects.  With Delta I have a voice and am treated as an individual and I don’t have to pay to be.”

Joanna Amado, Instructor and DPI employee since May 2002


“Delta is a good company; a place to work.  Delta has a good working environment.  I have had no personal issues with Delta since being employed in April 2009.”

James Dorbor, Instructor and DPI employee since April 2009


I have worked for Delta for almost 3 years and in this time I have only had positive adventures.  My workmates have been supportive and my supervisors have been encouraging and wonderful.”

Anita Frimpong, Instructor and DPI employee since September 2006


“I have been an employee of Delta Projects, Inc for twenty years and have had positive experiences with the company.  I have been given many opportunities to learn and advance with them.  The company’s mission is to serve the community that comes to us for care-I feel there is no better agency serving them.”

“Delta Projects is a very fair and open minded agency.  My concerns of any kind here have been addressed fairly by the management.”

Steve Alden, Senior Instructor and DPI employee since November 1992


Delta has always given me resources for my voice to be heard as a person, not a random number in a group.”

Maylene Morales, Coordinator and DPI employee since March 2007